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Jacket 236 Quilted European Linen Sasha Jacket with Flax Embroidery and Scalloped Edges, Sun Faded and Floral Lining $350.00
Jacket 231 Cotton Satin Ali Cropped Jacket with Pleated Neckline, Black Buttons and Hook, Magnolia Pearl $275.00
Jacket 227 Cotton Velvet Camille Cropped Jacket with Silk Floral Trim, Cotton Lace and Velvet Stripe Accents, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Jacket 225 Marishka Velvet Ukrainian Inspired Embroidery Jacket, Lined in Cotton Silk, Hook Closures, Small Pocket, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Jacket 223 Cotton Twill Hadyn Tuxedo Coat with Quilted Cotton Lining, Small Front Pockets and Big Fabric Covered Snaps $400.00
Jacket 220 Woven Cotton Fagin Jacket with Cotton Twill Lining, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Jacket 219 Plaid Fine Wool Holmes Jacket with Cotton Lining, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Jacket 218 European Woven Cotton Donovan Jacket with Twill Lining, Distress and Mending, $350.00
Jacket 216 Herrington Wool Ailsa Coat with Cotton Pinstripe Lining and Front Pockets $450.00
Jacket 215 Pinstriped Wool Sidra Tuxedo Coat with Quilted Cotton Lining, Small Front Pockets and Big Fabric Covered Snaps $400.00
Jacket 209 Elisabeta Waist Coat with Hand Smocked Pleats, Handstitching, and Linen Trim $300.00
Jacket 199 Pinstriped Wool Cara Coat with Quilted Cotton Lining, Front Pockets and Big Fabric Covered Snaps $450.00
Jacket 197 Cotton Lace and Velvet S. Dali Jacket with a Cotton Silk Lining and Hook and Eye Closures $350.00
Jacket 194 European Cotton Hedi Jacket with Cotton Lining, Gathering at Chest, and Hand Mending $275.00
Jacket 193 Cotton Kagen Cropped Jacket with Pleats on Sleeves and Front, and Sewn in Cotton Lining that Buttons Down $275.00
Jacket 191 European Cotton Henrietta Jacket with Contrasting Lining and Patches, Cotton Lace at the Neck, and Ruffled Hem $350.00
Jacket 189 Cotton and Velvet Good Bones Jacket with Cotton Laces, Antiqued Hook and Eyes, Hand Mending and Distressing $325.00
Jacket 186 European Cotton Union Jacket with Button Down Front, Long Sleeves, Collar, and Gathered Waist $300.00
Jacket 180 Beya Cropped Jacket with Collar, Hand stitched patches and Mending - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New jacket 178 Linen Novalie Kimono with Patches $350.00
New Jacket 177 Lined Symphony Jacket with Three Buttons in Front, Tails and Hand Stitched Patches - Magnolia Pearl $400.00
New Jacket 174 Browen Potters Jacket with Square Neckline, Adjustable Button Straps and Big Front Pockets - Magnolia Pearl $350.00