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Top 298 Silk Satin Ginger Overtop with French Cotton Lace and Tie in the Back $250.00
Top 297 European Cotton Ulla Top with Pin Tucks, Lace, Short Sleeves, Buttons Down the Back and a Silk Chiffon Collar $225.00
Top 296 Cotton Tobacco Picker Long Sleeve Top with Four Buttons in Front and Hand Stitched Patches and Mending $150.00
Dress 392 European Cotton Linnea Dress with Crocheted Yoke $300.00
Tank 193 Cotton Lace and Velvet Valentina Cropped Layering Tank with Adjustable Spaghetti Straps, and Antiqued Hook and Eyes - Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Top 294 European Cotton Sloan Blouse with Cap Sleeves, Lace Insets, Gathered Waist and Buttons in Back $300.00
Top 293 European Cotton Marcelley Blouse with Three Quarter Sleeves, Pin Tucks, Lace, Embroidery and Buttons in Back $275.00
Dress 391 European Cotton Marlowe Dress with Pin Tucks, Embroidery, and Cotton Lace Insets $300.00
Shorts 009 Cotton Silk Khloe Undershorts with French Cotton Lace Ruffles $150.00
Top 292 Cotton Abaigael Stagecoach Overtop with Three Quarter Sleeves and Antiqued Hook And Eyes $250.00
Jacket 196 Linen Abree Titanic Jacket with Three Quarter Sleeves, Embroidery and Cutwork $350.00
Tank 192 Cotton Silk Abella Under-Over Victorian Lounge Top with Cotton Lace $200.00
Tank 191 Cotton Tulle Olive Mae Cropped Layering Tank with Rows of Cotton Lace, Silk Ribbon and, Antiqued Hook and Eyes $200.00
Top 291 European Cotton Amadeus Top with Embroidery, Pin Tucks, Cotton Lace, Crochet Buttons, and Silk Ribbon $350.00
Jacket 195 French Cotton Olivia Clemens Jacket with Cotton Lace Collar, and Hand Sewn Antiqued Hook and Eyes $400.00
Jacket 194 European Cotton Hedi Jacket with Cotton Lining, Gathering at Chest, and Hand Mending $275.00
Jacket 193 Cotton Kagen Cropped Jacket with Pleats on Sleeves and Front, and Sewn in Cotton Lining that Buttons Down $275.00
Specialty Bloomers 010 Antique Cotton Lace Short Bloomers with Cotton Lining in Natural Cotton $400.00
Tank 190 Cotton Silk Mittie Tank with Adjustable Straps, Pin Tucks, and Lace $225.00
Tank 189 Cotton Silk Ottilia Tank with Adjustable Straps, Lace Insets, and Pleats $225.00
Top 289 Eniss Blouse with Gathering at Neck and Sleeves, Cotton Lace, and Antiqued Snaps $275.00
Top 286 Thin European Cotton Sylvie Blouse with Cotton Lace Trimmed Collar, and Hand Stitched Patches and Mending $250.00
Jacket 192 Thin European Cotton Simone Layering Jacket with Gathering, Tiny Cotton Lace Collar, and Snaps $250.00
Top 284 Cotton Silk Piersy Blouse with Embroidery, Lace Insets, and Deep V with Hook Closures $300.00
Dress 388 Cotton Silk Maja Dress with Cotton Lace Trim and Details, Shirring Waist, and Cap Sleeves $350.00
Dress 386 European Cotton Korben Dress with Cotton Lace, Pleats, Embroidery, Buttons and Hooks in Back $400.00
Dress 385 Cotton Eyelet Sitka Tank Dress with Cotton Lace Inserts, Drawstring and Button Neckline $300.00
Vest 027 European Textured Cotton Adison Vest with Cloth Covered Buttons $225.00
Dress 383 Cotton Silk Gideon Dress with Embroidery, Cotton Lace, Pin Tucks, Hand Stitched Patches and Mending $300.00
Top 283 European Cotton Lace Selene Blouse with Rounded Shell and Hand Stitched Antiqued Snaps in Back $250.00
Jacket 191 European Cotton Henrietta Jacket with Contrasting Lining and Patches, Cotton Lace at the Neck, and Ruffled Hem $350.00
Dress 380 European Cotton Devigny Dress with Hand Crocheted Yoke, Hand Sewn Antiqued Snaps, and Cotton Lace Ruffled Hem $300.00
Dress 379 Thin European Cotton and Fine French Tulle Braesha Dress with Cotton Lace and Hand Sewn Antiqued Snaps and Hooks $325.00
Dress 378 Handmade Cotton Eyelet and Cotton Lace Maelee Dress with Hand Sewn Antiqued Snaps and Hooks $350.00
Top 282 Linen Ramie Wensley Blouse with Embroidery, Cotton Lace Inserts, Pin Tucks and Ribbon Holes $325.00
Tank 188 European Cotton Eira Tank with Hand Crocheted Yoke, Hand Sewn Antiqued Snaps and Shell Button on Front $250.00
Top 281 European Cotton Monarch Blouse with Cotton Lace Inserts, Three Quarter Sleeves, and Antiqued Snaps in Back $300.00
Dress 377 Cotton Silk Loren Dress with Rows of Cotton Lace, Scalloped Cotton Trim, Lace and Silk French Knot Accents $375.00
Dress 376 European Cotton Cecilia Dress with Cotton Lace Bib, Antiqued Snaps in Back and Ruffle at the Waist $350.00
Dress 375 European Cotton Remy Dress with Cotton Lace Inserts, French Blue Silk Ties, and Antiqued Snaps $325.00