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New Skirt 069 French Cotton Eyelet Cecily Skirt with Hand Mending Patches and Repairs - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Top 240 Antoinette Painter's Smock with Drawstring Neck with Keyhole in Back, Front Pocket, and Thre Quarter Sleeves $250.00
New Dress 331 French Cotton Annora Peasant Dress with Hand Stitched Patches and Mending and Sewn in Underpinning - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Dress 330 European Cotton Violet Dress with Hand Crochet Yoke, Eyelet Hem, and Hand Sewn Patches and Mending - Magnolia Pearl $325.00
New Dress 329 European Cotton Sleeveless Lilah Dress with Pintucks and a Scoop Neck - Magnolia Pearl $250.00
New Skirt 068 Light Weight Linen Hettie Skirt with Flat Front, Patches, Pleats and an Outside Pocket - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Top 237 Linen Georgie Pullover Top with Lace Lined Collar and Necktie and Lace Details on the Front - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Overalls 013 Tanie Jane Overalls with Adjustable Criss Cross Tie Straps, Side Pockets, and Back Pockets - Magnolia Pearl $325.00
New Top 234 European Cotton Ottilia Top with with Antique Lace - Magnolia Pearl $275.00
New Dress 325 European Cotton Brigid Smock with Collar, Pockets, V-neck, and Floral Trim - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Dress 324 European Cotton Ottilia Dress with Cap Sleeves and Antique Lace - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Pants 054 Oliana Pants with Back Tie, Side Buttons, Patches, and Decorative Stitching - Magnolia Pearl $275.00
New Dress 321 Thin European Cotton Sherise Slip Dress with Scallped Edges and Hand Embroidered Dutch Girl - Magnolia Pearl $325.00
New Tank 177 Linen Coco Tank with an Adjustable Drawstring Neck, Patches and Decorative Stitching - Magnolia Pearl $225.00
New Tank 176 Linen Kofi Tank Top with Contrasting Neckline and Hem $225.00
New Bloomers 169 Cotton Routhie Bloomers with Side Buttons, Back Tie, and Cotton Lace - Magnolia Pearl $250.00 - $275.00
New Slip 050 Cotton Baileybelle Sleeveless Slip Dress with Patches and Mending - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Tank 174 Cotton Lilou A-line Floral Tank Top with Cotton Lace Hem - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Dress 313 Linen Tessie Sundress with Pleated Elastic Top, Adjustable Tie Straps,Patches and Mending - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Top 227 Thin European Cotton Analina Long Sleeve Top With Hand Patches and Mending - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Dress 311 Cotton Bergie Rabbit Dress with Hand Crochet Yoke - Magnolia Pearl $300.00 - $350.00
New Scarf 007 Floral Cotton Poplin Elka Scarf $150.00
New Skirt 067 French Cotton Carina Skirt with Cotton Voile Slip with Embroidery - Magnolia Pearl $350.00
New Pants 051 Linen Belda Pants with Hand Stitching and Front and Back Pockets - Magnolia Pearl $250.00
New Pants 050 Linen Cordie Pants with Back Pockets and Flat Front - Magnoia Pearl $250.00
New Dress 310 Light Weight Linen Kayleebelle Dress with Blue Stitching, Purling and Patches in Oatmeal $325.00
New Dress 309 Short Homespun Linen Neva Apron with Patches, Pockets and Adjustable Ties in Flax - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Dress 308 Long Homespun Linen Femke Apron with Patches, Pockets and Adjustable Ties in Flax - Magnolia Pearl $325.00
New Skirt 066 Linen Celestyna Skirt with Side Tie Waist and Patches - Magnolia Pearl $350.00
New Dress 298 Linen Augustina Apron Dress with Criss Cross Straps and Pockets - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Bloomers 166 European Cotton Fleur Bloomers with Side Buttons, Backtie, and Lace Ruffle - Magnolia Pearl $250.00
New Top 220 European Cotton Catriana Top with Lace Collar, Pleats, and Long Sleeves - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
New Skirt 065 Linen Angelica Skirt with Cotton Quilted Patches, Front Pockets with Elastic Waist - Magnolia Pearl $400.00
New Dress 293 Linen Nikolea Lace Up Dress with Short Sleeves, Pockets, and Bottom Ruffle $350.00
New Top 218 Cotton Voile Indie-Lue Crop Top with Cotton Eyelet Lace and Elastic Neck, Waist and Sleeves - Magnolia Pearl $250.00
New Knickers 001 Cotton Chambray Gweny Knickers with Elastic Waist and Ruffle - Magnolia Pearl $200.00
New Pants 037 Linen Berdine Pants with Flat Front and Button Ties on the Legs - Magnolia Pearl $250.00
New Top 212 European Cotton Ellie Top with Pin Tucks, Cotton Lace, Embroidered Cotton Eyelet and Mother of Pearl Buttons down the side - Magnolia Pearl $250.00 - $300.00
New Tank 165 Linen Chambray Livy Tank with Keyhole and Spaghetti Straps in Dark Chambray $150.00
New Skirt 064 French Flex Cotton Ola Skirt with Gathered Elastic Waist and Tie in Natural Cotton - Magnolia Pearl $250.00