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Jacket 244 Pinstripe Wool Bennet Jacket, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Top 413 Rosa Luna T, New Boyfriend Cut, Mending with Hand Distressing, and Patching, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Jacket 242 Plaid Wool Kelley Cropped Coat, Small Front Pockets, Black Buttons and Cotton Twill $350.00
Shoes 047 Handmade Carpetbagger Sheepskin and Wool Shoes with Leather Lining and Sole, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Top 412 Seraph T, New Boyfriend Cut, Mending with Hand Distressing, and Patching, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Top 411 Corazon T, New Boyfriend, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Skirt 90 Cotton Modal Nepali Peasant Skirt, with Drawstrings Waist, Sunfading, Handsewn Cotton Silk Trims, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Top 401 Paradise T, New Boyfriend, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Specialty Dress 164 Specialty Hand Painted European Linen Dress $500.00
Top 400 Love Vigilante T, New Boyfriend, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Dress 465 Thin Cotton Twill Cara Smock Dress with Black Hand Stitching, Snaps at Front, Pockets, Mending and Sun Fading $300.00
Jacket 236 Quilted European Linen Sasha Jacket with Flax Embroidery and Scalloped Edges, Sun Faded and Floral Lining $350.00
Top 397 Cotton Twill Brene Workshirt, with Sun Fading, Mixed Buttons, Distressing and Mending $300.00
Tank 211 Cotton Jersey Lana Tank, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Apron 006 Cotton Linen Metalworker’s Apron with Flannel and Cotton Repairs, Hand Mending, and Linen Straps, Cosmos Print $350.00
Jacket 235 European Cotton Cropped Naeem Jacket with Ottoman Style Embroidery, Floral Lining, and Scalloped Edges $300.00
Top 396 Cotton New Jersey T, Exclusive to The Barn 808, New Boyfriend, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Dress 461 European Cotton Linen Othilia Smock Dress with Scalloped Edges and MP Monogram $250.00
Dress 459 European Cotton Linen Oksana Smock Dress with Eyelet Trim, Pleats and MP Monogram $275.00
Top 395 European Linen Sekka Cropped Bralette with Embroidery and Openwork, Scalloped Edges and Buttons at Back, Magnolia Pearl $150.00
Pants 094 European Linen Chamomile Side Button Pant with Embroidered MP and Floral, Adjustable Waist $250.00
Shoes 040 Handmade Bojangles in Vintage Ethnic Textile with Leather Lining, Magnolia Pearl $450.00
Pants 093 Silk Embroidered Joon Pongee Pant with Cotton Linen Waist and Drawstring, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Dress 458 European Cotton Sorrell Dress with Sunfading, Mending and Patches, Black Buttons and Back Embroidered Trim $325.00
Top 394 Silk Satin Lamour Blouse with Crochet Laces and Pleats, 3/4 Sleeves, Back Snaps, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Slip 92 Cotton Rubia Kate Slip with Floral Hand Embroidery, Silk Satin Straps and Cotton Lace, Snaps at Back, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Overalls 004 Cotton Linen Cosmos Overalls with Pockets, Adjustable Straps and Patches and Mending, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Top 393 European Linen Nourah Blouse with Heavy Embroidery at Collar, Placket and Cuffs, Black Buttons, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Top 392 After The Disco T, New Boyfriend, Magnolia Pearl $95.00
Pants 091 European Linen OKeefe Pants with Button Fly and Drawstring Waist, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Jacket 231 Cotton Satin Ali Cropped Jacket with Pleated Neckline, Black Buttons and Hook, Magnolia Pearl $275.00
Dress 453 European Linen Layla Tank Dress with Raw Edges and MP Monogram $300.00
Dress 452 Cotton Twill Miela Smock Dress with Sunfading, Mixed Buttons and Snaps, Linen and Callico Patches, Magnolia Pearl $325.00
Jacket 229 Cotton Linen Zinn Cropped Military Jacket with Cosmos Print, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Top 391 European Linen Selime Blouse with Cross-Stitch Embroidery, Gathered Neckline with Hook and Bell Sleeves, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Jacket 228 European Linen Wells Painters Smock Coat with Front Pockets, Cinch Belt and Buttons, Magnolia Pearl $325.00
Overalls 002 Magnolia Pearl Supply Co. Sanforized Cotton Denim Overalls $350.00
Overalls 001 European Linen Ramie Vivie Romper with MP Cross-Stitch, Drawstring and Cotton Lace, Button Opening at Back, Magnolia Pearl $275.00
Jacket 227 Cotton Velvet Camille Cropped Jacket with Silk Floral Trim, Cotton Lace and Velvet Stripe Accents, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Dress 451 European Cotton Rossi Dress with Pockets, Sunfading and Black Mixed Buttons, Magnolia Pearl $300.00