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Dress 455 Cotton Frida Tears T Dress, New Boyfriend, Magnolia Pearl $150.00
Dress 449 French Linen Cosi Belle Dress, with Eyelet Openwork, Magnolia Pearl Monogram and Silk Drawstring $250.00
Dress 447 Cotton Satin Cosi Belle Dress, with Eyelet Openwork, Magnolia Pearl Monogram and Silk Drawstring $250.00
Apron 005 Woven Cotton Magnolia Pearl Artist Workshop Apron with Patching, Mending, and Hand Embroidered Straps $225.00
Dress 443 Cotton Cosmos T Dress, New Boyfriend, Magnolia Pearl $150.00
Dress 442 French Cotton Clemence Smock with Distressing and Antique Snaps, Magnolia Pearl $275.00
Dress 440 Cotton Compassion T Dress, New Boyfriend Cut, Magnolia Pearl $150.00
Dress 437 Silk Viscose Jemma Tank Dress, with Tattered Cotton Lace, Ruffled Collar at Neck and Antiqued Snaps at Back $275.00
Dress 435 Cotton T Dress, New Boyfriend Cut, Magnolia Pearl $150.00
Dress 434 Cotton Revolution T Dress, New Boyfriend Cut, Magnolia Pearl $150.00
Apron 004 French Cotton Elli Faye Apron, with Bunny Pockets, and Sun Fading, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Dress 432 French Embroidered Silk Rhone Dress, with Raw Edged Three Quarter Sleeves and Hem, Antique Snap Closures, and Pleated $350.00
Dress 431 European Cotton Alix Smock Dress, Front Tie Closure,Patches and Fading, Front Pockets $325.00
Dress 430 French Cotton Lani Callaway Dress, V-Neck Button and Tie Back, Magnolia Pearl $325.00
Dress 429 European Cotton Zomi Dress with Hand Embroidered Florals and Circles, Button at Shoulder, Ruffle $450.00
Dress 428 French Faded Cotton Blues and Calicos D’Orsay Smock Dress, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Dress 427 French Cotton Hudson Smockdress with Pockets, Mixed Buttons and Patches, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Dress 424 Cotton Silk Amaia Dress with Hand-Made Cotton Lace and Pintucks $400.00
Dress 423 European Cotton and Tulle Anya Slip with Adjustable Straps, Cotton Lace, Magnolia Pearl $275.00
Dress 422 Cotton Poplin Ottilia Dress with Cap Sleeves and Antique Lace, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Dress 421 French Woven Cotton Vada Smock Dress, Big Snaps and Buttons, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Dress 420 Watts French Cotton Poplin Dress Shirt with Magnolia Pearl Cross Stitch, Magnolia Pearl $300.00 - $325.00
Dress 419 Cotton Babydoll T Dress - Magnolia Pearl $150.00
Dress 417 European Cotton Nella Dress with Long Sleeves, Pockets, Button Front - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Slip 90 French Poplin Kellamy Slip Dress with Triangle Straps and Cotton Eyelet Lace $250.00
Dress 414 Silk Hadie Mae Brown Dress with Embroidery and Openwork, Cotton Lace, Fabric covered Snaps $350.00
Dress 413 Cotton Linen Chore Apron with Cotton Straps and Handstitching $250.00
Dress 412 Linen Ramie Camellia Dress with Hand Embroidery and Silk Ties $350.00
Dress 411 French Cotton Poplin Carlyna Dress with Hand Crocheted Yoke and Insets, Antique Snaps $300.00
Slip 89 Silk Embroidered Poesy Layering Slip with Cotton Laces $300.00
Slip 88 Cotton Silk Lille Lounge Slip with Lace Insets $250.00
Dress 408 Silk and French Cotton Hope Slip Dress with Tiny Pleats and Antique Snaps, $275.00
Dress 407 European Cotton Robina Dress with Hand Crocheted Ballet Yoke and Hem $275.00
Dress 406 European Cotton Ave Maria Dress with Hand Crocheted Yoke, Silk Ties, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Slip 087 European Cotton Posy Slip with Cotton Laces and Silk Flowers, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Dress 405 Cicely European Cotton Hand Embroidered Dress with Snap Closures, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Slip 086 Silk Satin Bexley Slip with Cotton Lace, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Dress 399 French Linen Embroidered Orlena Sleeveless Dress, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Dress 397 European Cotton and Tulle Henri Sleeveless Henri Dress with Collar, Front Pockets, Ruffles and Thread Bow. - MagnoliaPearl $400.00
Dress 396 European Cotton Burke Dress with Distressing and Calico Patches in Industry, One Size $300.00