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Overalls 008 Cotton Denim Gus Overalls with Hand Aging, Distressing and Mending, Adjustable Button Straps, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Pants 113 Cotton Jersey Frankie Pants with Distressing and Mending, Drawstring Waist, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Overalls 006 Cotton Frankie Overalls with Hand Age, Distressing and Mending, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Pants 105 Cotton Linen Frankie Pants, Distressing and Mending, Drawstring Waist, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Pants 104 Cotton Frankie Denims with Hand Age, Distressing and Mending, Drawstring Waist, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Pants 103 Cotton Sanforized Denims with Hand Age, Distressing, Mending and Printing, Side Buttons, Magnolia Pearl $350.00
Pants 102 Cotton Jersey Nightfall Leggings with Drawstring Waist, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Pants 101 Wool Pinstripe, Flynn Trousers, Cotton Twill Lining, Elastic Waist, Drawstring, Side Buttons $400.00
Pants 100 Loomed Cotton Jersey Remy Matador Leggings with Metallic Embroidery Design and Accent Buttons $200.00
Skirt 90 Cotton Modal Nepali Peasant Skirt, with Drawstrings Waist, Sunfading, Handsewn Cotton Silk Trims, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Pants 094 European Linen Chamomile Side Button Pant with Embroidered MP and Floral, Adjustable Waist $250.00
Pants 093 Silk Embroidered Joon Pongee Pant with Cotton Linen Waist and Drawstring, Magnolia Pearl $400.00
Pants 091 OKeefe Pants with Button Fly and Drawstring Waist, Magnolia Pearl $300.00 - $350.00
Overalls 001 European Linen Ramie Vivie Romper with MP Cross-Stitch, Drawstring and Cotton Lace, Button Opening at Back, Magnolia Pearl $275.00
Skirt 89 Pissarro Skirt with Drawstring Waist and Hooks, and Black Silk Trim, Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Apron 003 Cotton Silk Nathalia Ruffled Wrap Skirt Apron, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Pants 084 French Cotton Velvet Laurel Trousers with Silk Lining, Button Fly, Cotton Lace Cuffs, and Drawstring at Back $400.00
Skirt 87 European Cotton Mary Frances Skirt with Drawstring Waist, Antiqued Snaps, and Hand Sewn Pleat $250.00
Skirt 86 Cotton Crochet Cosi Skirt, Handstitched Poplin Waist with Drawstrings $300.00
Bloomers 174 Cotton Silk Wedding Night Bloomers with Floral Embroidery and Pintucks, Magnolia Pearl $250.00
Pants 080 Fine Wool Violet Pants with Cotton Lining, Magnolia Pearl $325.00
Pants 78 Plaid Fine Wool Holmes Pants with Cotton Linin, Magnolia Pearl $325.00
Pants 077 Alexandr Woven Cotton Trousers with Drop Rise and Adjustable Button Waste $275.00
Bloomers 173 European Cotton Annie Oakley Bloomers with Silk and Velvet Hand Sewn Flowers, Ruffles, Drawstring Waist $350.00
Pants 076 Paschal Wool Pinstriped Trousers, Magnolia Pearl $325.00
Skirt 85 Silk Amoret Skirt with Gathered French Cotton Tulle $300.00
Bloomers 172 French Cotton Poplin Betrys Bloomers, Pintucks and Embroidery, Drawstring Back, Side Buttons $250.00
Pants 71 Cotton Garcon Trousers with Elastic Waist, Pockets and a Dropped Rise $250.00 - $350.00
Pants 70 Devereux Trousers with Hand Stitched Mending and an Adjustable Fold Over Waist $275.00
Shorts 009 Cotton Silk Khloe Undershorts with French Cotton Lace Ruffles $150.00
Skirt 83 Silk Cotton Penelope Slip Skirt with Elastic Waist and Lace Trim $200.00
Shorts 008 Cotton Willis Shorts with Drawstring Waist, Button Sides, Hand Stitched Mending - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Britches 007 Linen Mychal Britches with Hand Sewn Patches and Mending, Drawsring Waist, Button Front, Pockets - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Pants 66 Cotton Sid Pants with Drawtring Waist, Button Front, Hand Stitching and Mending - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Britches 006 French Cotton Velvet Pia Britches with Button Fly, Drawstring Waist, Patches and Hand Stitched Mending $350.00
Skirt 077 Cotton Naiis Skirt with Elastic and Drawstring Waist, Pintucks, and Floral Ruffle - Magnolia Pearl $300.00
Pants 063 Cotton Corduroy French Work Pants with Button Fly, Drawstring Back, and Hand Stitched Patches and Mending $350.00
New Skirt 073 French Cotton Mayblee Patchwork Skirt with Hand Embroidery and Drawstring Waist - Magnolia Pearl $400.00
New Pants 060 European Cotton Jade Knickers with Drawstring Back and Button Front. - Magnolia Pearl $200.00
New Pants 059 European Cotton Murron MacClannough Trousers with Front and Back Pockets, Drawstring Waist and Decorative Stitching - Magnolia Pearl $350.00